The Ortigas Center's
"Little Singapore" Billionaires Complex
Security: Police patrols will be augmented by roving patrols of Citizens Crime Watch volunteers who are being organized and trained. Each patrol will cover a 400 square meter area. Patrols have already started (in June of this year) and 24-hour coverage is expected by the end of this month.

Transportation: Government has initiated a plan which will include a Monorail connecting Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Global City, Makati, and the Shangri-La EDSA MRT station with Little Singapore.

Night Market: A pedestrian walkway concept similar to METRO WALK and Tiendesitas equipped with 24-hour lighting and roving security patrols, is being planned to offer tourists and residents peaceful, safe and environment-friendly alternatives for boutique shopping and entertainment.

Tenement Housing Development: Developers such as Phoenix Corporation have shown interest in housing complexes with Little Singapore designed for workers, modeled after successful projects such as the El Pueblo Condormitel near the Polytechnical Institute of the Philippines (PIP). The idea is to provide affordable shelter, approved by the HLURB, to house the many additional workers and job holders envisioned as a result of increased employment within Little Singapore. Such housing comes complete with fully furnished units, with appliances included and amenities like a Visitors’ Lobby, Social Hall, Swimming Pool, Promenade and Commercial Spaces, Jogging Path and a Mini Park for residents’ enjoyment. This is a means also for eliminating the unsightly and unsafe squatters area, providing those settlers affordable housing.

The Way Ahead

Great potential and numerous opportunities in the Little Singapore area abound, if only a credible Non-Government Agency could work in partnership with corporate and other business entities in the area with the Pasig City and National governments in achieving improvements. The Antonio Village (AVA) sees the possibilities, and is determined to pursue its vision. After all, Forbes Asia recently published its list of the 15 richest men in the Philippines. And what do these 15 people have in common? They are all in the Ortigas Center complex doing business! That fact alone tells us of the potential and opportunities this area offers.  Here’s a glimpse of what lies ahead for AVA and its supporters in the planning for “Little Singapore”:
Ortigas Center's Billionaires Complex
Membership and Fundraising:

Membership: Membership categories are designed to recognize two basic classes of membership: 

  • Regular Members: Home owners and Condominium owners of housing property within Barangay San Antonio. There are no dues required for regular members.

  • Premium Members: These are dues - paying members (see Membership Fees, below) for those Regular Members, Businesses Owners and Building complexes in the Ortigas area who wish to be Premium Members of AVA, with all the additional benefits designed for this class of membership.
Membership Fees: The AVA Board has determined that membership fees (applicable to Premium Members) must be both affordable and transparent as to the benefits Premium  Membership confers, in order to help business owners, corporate executives, residents and workers justify their expenditures in terms of value gained.  Therefore, fees have been set at a very inexpensive level.  A tentative schedule of annual fees is as follows:

  • Corporate – P 5,000
  • Large Business/Building Complexes – P 5,000
  • Medium Business – P 3,000
  • Small Business – P 1,000
  • Micro Business – P 500
  • Homeowners/Condo Unit Owners – P 1,000

(Note: This fee schedule will require AVA Board approval, and is therefore presented as tentative here. The terms “Large, Medium, Small and Micro Businesses” as used above will be according to standard definitions used in government reporting of economic activity--with the source and other details formally announced after Board approval. We’re presenting the above information as tentative, to give you an idea of the effort made to keep fees reasonable, affordable, and sufficient to cover basic necessary expenses needed to achieve the AVA vision.)

Funding: Membership fees will be used to help support the many initial planning efforts that need to be finalized, distributed, advocated and advanced. Examples of what fees will be used for are administrative funds needed to support volunteer efforts--such as implementing Citizen Crime Watch (CCW) patrols (e.g. providing volunteers with transportation/uniform allowances, etc.), administrative and publishing costs associated with drawing up and distributing plans to submit to area governments for action, and publishing, advertising and web site maintenance costs required to publicize the various programs included in the Little Singapore project. Even areas outside of Ortigas, such as Greenbelt and Uni-Mart have indicated interest in joining the Little Singapore effort. In light of the interest in this project, a membership goal has been initially set at one (1) million members to include business establishments in the area.

Advantages of AVA Premium Membership:  Here is an initial list of benefits that will be available to Premium Members who live, work, shop or visit in Little Singapore:

A safe and secure environment, with 24-hour roving security and well-lit areas for shopping, dining, entertainment and sight-seeing.

A clean environment (e.g. a healthful non-smoking policy; restoration of creeks and other waterways that have been polluted; clean-up of informal settler areas; clutter-free areas; elimination of unsightly areas and structures; clean, modern affordable housing for workers).

World-class solutions to current traffic congestion and traffic problems.

Proper, consistent enforcement of building, health and traffic codes.

Exclusive shopping discounts provided by Little Singapore merchants.

Summary: As in any large-scope improvement effort, community involvement is key. Soon, AVA will be arranging for a conference at which corporate and other leaders in the area will be invited to hear AVA’s presentation of the Little Singapore project, and participate in discussions regarding how AVA’s vision and the project can be achieved and made a reality. The many businesses, homeowners, condo unit owners, tenants and workers in the area will be asked to help in the overall effort. The best and most effective way to help is to sign up for Premium Membership in AVA.  Also, please look for ways you can contribute by coming to the Board meetings and joining one of the committees being formed to achieve these worthy goals. As Secretary Jimenez said in his message to AVA,“Giving tourists an experience of “more fun” is bound to have positive effects on your community’s residents and workforce, culturally, economically, and even environmentally. In the end, my scorecard with the President is not the number of tourists that arrived, but the number of lives that we have improved.” 

To be a member of the "LITTLE SINGAPORE" Ortigas Center's BILLIONAIRES COMPLEX, please send your membership fees to this account:

ACCOUNT NO. 7633030029